12 Dope Romance Anime if you’re Into That

12 Nice Romance Anime, if You’re Into That

  • Golden Time:

Golden Time

This is a romantic comedy with a slice of life involved about the life of a college student with a little bit of an impaired memory that falls in love with the stalker of his friend but with his forgotten memories a blast from his teenage years ends up shaking up his relationship. It ends up being wildly entertaining with the anime taking you on an emotional rollercoaster, definitely one to check out.

  • Sword Art Online(First Arc):

Sword Art Online: Aincrad

Sword Art Online is a rather popular anime and it currently is still going on but in the aspect of romance, we would definitely recommend the first arc as it tells the classic love story of Kirito and Asuna. The anime is set in an alternate reality where people are trapped in a death game yes that means if they die in the game they die in real life (things got real fast right!), this sets the protagonist Kirito into a sort of survival mode as a lone wolf where he basically becomes really strong on his own but I won’t spoil this for you so just go and check it out if you haven’t already.

  • 3D Kanojo Real Girl:

3D Kanojo

Do you know how all real 3D girls are really annoying and lacking in both appeal and flair to the almighty 2D girls? Well, our protagonist certainly thought as much up until he met his very own 3D kanojo (this means girlfriend by the way just in case you’re not an otaku), ah but yes it’s that encounter every romcom anime protagonist needs. There happens to be some drama in this anime of course as is expected when you put a slightly promiscuous girl and a really introverted otaku together and it all comes together to make a really sweet romantic anime, do check it out.

  • Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet:

Kishu Gakkou no Juliet

So this particular couple is funny enough named Romeo and Juliet, yes after the popular tragic love couple well except that in our wonderful anime world the story is quite fundamentally different starting with the fact that the story is set in high school and they are both leaders of opposing factions that are basically sworn enemies right from the background of the countries they hail from, but as Romeo is a hopeless romantic and has always had feelings for Juliet he can’t keep them in any longer so he finally confesses to her and that sets off our beautiful rom-com, a really entertaining anime in the romance aspect.

  • Kobayashi San Chi no Maid Dragon:


Hmm the title is really self-explanatory it’s a fantasy-themed anime about a woman name Kobayashi that gets a maid who is a dragon, LOL you would be surprised how this is rather normal to all the hardcore otaku who have actually seen a lot of anime but that’s just drifting, a dying dragon is saved by a human which makes the dragon fall in love and move in with said human to create a wonderful anime centered majorly on comedy but the once in a while romantic moments are really entertaining and hence why it’s on this list as well, you will definitely have fun with this one.

  • Masamune Kun no Revenge:

Masamune kun

Have you ever had a bully from your childhood that you desperately wanted to get revenge on? well, our protagonist here certainly did and he got ripped in order to do it. As a result of being bullied relentlessly because of his weight when he was younger by a certain young girl he decides to lose weight and instead become a “hot guy” so he can make the now in high school girl fall in love with him and the break her heart into a million pieces (classic Nigerian Yoruba demon), but what he didn’t count on was falling in love with her at the same time which makes this particular one really nice.

  • Osake Wa Fuufu Ni Natte Kara:

Osake wa Fuufu

This is an unbelievably romantic anime that could also very well fall under the comedy genre about a couple with the husband as a bartender and the wife, a very cute businesswoman that likes to unwind at the end of the day with her husband and the drink for the day. A short few episodes per minute but very entertaining and very romantic as the couple is very much in love and very cute too.

  • Tsurezure Children:

Tsurezure Children

An anime about different high school children and their different love stories is something you didn’t even know you wanted until you see this anime, different couples all with their own different situations and scenarios from those with too much physical contact to those that need more in their relationship this anime tells the story of many of those couples and as funny and entertaining as it is, it happens to be just as romantic also.

  • Yamada Kun to 7 Nin No Majo: 

Yamada kun to 7-nin

This is actually in the harem genre but the love story between the protagonist and the main heroine is really sweet and earns it a spot in this list. Based in a high school where instead of 7 mysteries they have 7 witches and they all happen to be girls well of course with the exception of our protagonist who can only use his powers by kissing, I guess you can kind of see why this is in the harem genre, but it is definitely worth seeing with the unexpected twists and turns.

  • Wotaku-ni-Koi-wa-Muzukashii(Love is difficult for an otaku):

Wotaku ga Koi

As the name suggests, Love is actually difficult for us Otaku and this  anime shows just how difficult it can be for us especially if you happen to all work at the same company while dating and keeping your status as an otaku a secret, it turns out to be a really surprisingly nice rom-com(I realized I didn’t explain that romcom means romantic comedy well if you read up to this point I guess it’s kind of a reward, but we digress again) so this is definitely one romance anime worth watching.

  • Yahari Ore, no Seishun love come to wa Machigatteiru(My high school romantic comedy):

Yahari ore no Seishun

Once again as the name suggests this is a rom-com based in high school but here is the twist, our protagonist is really smart but he has a rotten personality and fish eyes apparently so he is put in the same club as a girl who also despite being really smart has a hard time making friends, as well as another energetic girl with her own circumstances, well I guess it’s no strange occurrence that they ended up falling for each other to make this wonderful romantic comedy for you to watch and enjoy.

  • Tasogare-Otome-x-Amnesia(Dusk Maiden of Amnesia):

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

A young lady is left to die in a certain place that ends up becoming part of a school and she is left as a ghost with no memories of her death wandering the halls so when a young boy finally is able to see her and communicate with her as you would with any normal person what is he to do to stop himself from falling in love with this dusk maiden that has amnesia? Well, that’s a rhetorical question of course because this is a classic rom-com.



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