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A boy sets out of his village to his dream city of ‘Imperial Capital’ to find a purpose for himself and make fortune all the same, for his village stricken by poverty. In the city, he is cheated on all his money and left for the cold, harsh lonesome. He quickly finds that his ‘dream’ city is not, in fact, the glorious haven he had envisioned, but hell in its own right. Evil reeks in bloody harshness. In this recent discovery, he is easily entreated to join the ‘Night Raid’, a band of renegades with one aim –to destroy the power and restore good.


Akame Ga Kill in three words…

Raw… Sexy… Dramatic!

This anime should pretty much make the top 5 bloody anime out there. Its death here and there fam! I guess that was what spurned the popularity in the first place. Personally, though, I felt a good number of the deaths were unnecessary and looked kinda like fan service. I guess the production tried too hard to coerce a dark theme on the anime but failed, and subsequently ended up ruining certain wonderful features and character arc of the anime. Akame Ga Kill employs humor in a gothic style of storytelling to portray a political drama. See that was a problem. They tried to absolve a dark story with a mix of humor. While that is not a


bad idea if you know what you’re doing, it sort of watered down a lot of should-be-intense situations in the anime. Kinda makes you not want to take the anime seriously.

Now the sexy part. There is a couple of romance here and there. It’s that typical story where almost all the girls in the show fall for the same guy, the lead character, in this case, Tatsumi. So he pretty much gets it briefly with the girls in all their cuteness or sexiness, or both. There was one romance that really sparked my interest though. Unexpected and awfully interesting, is the romance between poor Tatsume and Ice queen, Lady Esdeath. She is so amazing! Evil, very evil in fact, but amazing!! Shameful honesty: she is the major reason I stuck to watching the anime until the very end. She is beautiful, strong and hot as hell. She didn’t get much for character development, but she just so happens to be a character you can’t but fall in love with. So yeah, that’s one reason you probably should check out the anime, LOL.

The fantasy world envisioned by the anime is nothing too fancy. But it surely gets your attention! A world of weapons in the form of Teigu ‘Imperial arms’. Imperial arms are like abilities in the form of mysterious and powerful weapons or even living creatures. It could only be wielded by the strongest of warriors. While that is cool and all, the anime failed to delve significantly into the history of these magical attributes. I mean, hey, I don’t have much problem with that, Perhaps they felt it doesn’t particularly matter to the plot. But I feel it would have made a really cool story.

One thing the anime does pretty well is the battle scenes. The clash of imperial arms really is something to see. Often times than not, you’ll find that it is more of the person wielding a Teigu than the Teigu itself that really matters –a theory that has been proven by characters like Lubbock whose imperial arm seems way low on the daunting scale compared to glorious imperial arms like Incursio, the armored warrior, or Susanoo, a humanoid Teigu, yet he has shown himself to be extremely dangerous and unpredictable, taking down imperial users that naturally should be able to kill him off easily considering the power of their Imperial arm.


I like the characters in the anime. I really like them. I find them fun and interesting too, in some way. The character design is wonderful. There is this interesting combination of colors and styles used to define a character’s attributes. You probably won’t notice until someone puts it out (well I am now), but the dominant color on every character in the anime pretty much tells you a lot about such character already. That’s pretty cool.  Take Lady Esdeath for example. Her signatory color, blue, besides depicting ice and cold, pretty much represents vitality, which she gallantly displays.

I respect the fact that the anime tried to give their characters a back story. But the backstories lacked depth and could be brushed aside as pointless sometimes. And hell, what’s the point of a back story if you’re just going to kill off the character meaninglessly, right? What I’m saying is, the production didn’t give enough time for character development of a good number of their characters before killing them like chicken. There! That’s basically what makes most of the death meaningless and quite unnecessary.

Okay so, Akame Ga Kill centers on a corrupt government and a bunch of rebels set to destroy the government right? So there’s pretty much a big war going.  The war is shared between two major team players –the Night Raid and the Jaegers. Then there’s the Wild Hunt too. The three groups are made up of individuals that specialize in the use of one imperial arm or the other. The series explores great battles between one member of one group and one of another. The power of the imperial arm is so overwhelming that it is said that should two imperial arm users fight, one is bound to die. Here’s a couple of my favorite characters from either of the groups:

Akame. Everyone’s devil. Her signatory color is black and red, which is technically the two colors that hardly represent anything good. Black pretty much represents death and red represents danger. Then there’s the white collar, which I see as a delicate representation of innocence, an allure she obviously portrays (when she is not fighting that is). She is like an angel of death. She is supposedly the best swordswoman in the entire capital and beyond. She barely talks. You could literally easily count the number of times she opened her mouth to speak all through the anime. She has a pretty catchy Teigu in the form of a sword called Murasame. Her moves are gracious yet highly destructive, and her fights are almost always flawless. She is perfection! And like Lady Esdeath, she is a character to be loved.


Tatsumi. He is the clueless kid who finds himself entrapped in a foreign world where evil happens to be the main course. He finds himself having no choice but to pick a side and fight this evil. His character had absolutely no substance of interest, which is really disappointing for a lead character, or assistant lead character (if you’ll agree that Akame was the lead character). He is basically just this really clumsy kid who just wants to change the world for the better and thinks if he has just enough strong resolve of heart, he really could assist significantly, blah blah blah (typical ..cliche). Nothing much remarkable about him, except that girls are seemingly drawn to him (one of the mysteries of the anime). He can be surprising during fights though and pretty badass with his Teigu. It’s interesting having to anticipate what trump card he has with his Teigu when a battle takes a dangerous turn.

Lubbock. His imperial arm is some sort of strings called ‘cross tail’, which he is able to manipulate artfully in battle. He is a strategist! Occasionally, he is a pervert with a deep interest in hot girls, like Leone; this is a signatory attribute for him, but he is professional enough to avoid letting that get in his way when battling female villains. That pretty much rounds up why I like him. I naturally like characters who do more of brain work in battle, than actual fights. He is one of those characters whose back story the anime failed to do justice to; which really sucks, considering he is a really cool character.

Esdeath. Literally my favorite female anime character. LOL. She is amazing. She is a complete package of power, hotness, beauty, and evil. In her design, it is easy to see that she is some General of the sort, and of course an Imperial Arms user. Her Teigu is called ‘Demon’s Extract’, a very powerful Imperial arm that allows her to generate ice from literally nothing and manipulate it into anything. She is capable of overwhelming entire cities in ice. She is extremely deadly (as much as Akame) and has a crazed fondness for battle. She is a bloodthirsty tyrant. Living by the principle ‘The strong survive and the weak die’, she has no problem killing innocent people. She is a manipulative sadist with zero empathy for people she deemed weak (I know what you’re thinking, “So why the hell do you like her?? Go watch the anime and see if you won’t like her yourself). All that said though, she is seen to have a genuine concern for her subordinates, which in turn earned her respect and love from them. She has also proven that she is not completely numb of emotions and feelings, as she weirdly falls deeply in love with an enemy character. She never allows her pride or bloodthirstiness to get in the way of judgment. She knows when to withdraw her subordinates from battle. She is no doubt a good leader.

Najenda. She is basically the hot, bossy type, in a way similar to Lady Esdeath. She is the leader of the revolutionary group ‘Night Raid’, also a strategist like Lubbock, so yeah I like her. She is as strong a character, in mind, as Esdeath; not easily fazed during battles, and maintaining a strong resolve of calm and positivity. Her signatory color black, in this case as distinguished from Akame’s black, represents authority, which she commands rather gracefully. Due to the ugly turn of events, she had lost her right eye and arm, thereby making her unable to make use of her Teigu, named ‘Pumpkin’. She made up for the lost arm with a reinforced prosthetic arm with the hand she is able to fire at will and reel back into position, thereby making her still a much capable fighter. Her prosthetic arm gives her kicks revered momentum, and her punch is capable of ripping a head off.


Wave. Wave is basically a more mature version of Tatsumi that happens to be on the side of the bad guys. His Teigu, very much like Tatsumi’s, Incursio, is called ‘Grand Chariot’. In his imperial form, he is equally as strong as Tatsumi but presumably faster. Wave is this one-dimensional character that strongly believes justice is that which the government says it is. He is blinded to the many evils of this government he so much believes in. He is a pretty interesting character. At least I like him than Tatsumi.


Art And Animation

The art style and animation generally are quite lovable. Nothing fancy really, but lovable. There’re a number of scenic imageries and wonderful effects. Like I have earlier said, the fights scenes were really cool, with amazing sequences. Besides that, the scene shots are quite vague. Also, as I have earlier pointed out, the use of signatory colors to define a character’s traits is really cool. So good points for the art team.

Sound And Music

The first opening theme song  ‘Skyreach’ by Sara Amaniya, who also performed the second ending theme ‘Tsuhi Akari’, wasn’t bad really, it’s pretty much forgettable though. Then there’s the first ending theme song ‘I Wish I’d Never Known A World Like This’, it’s nice too. Sounds used all through the anime well justify the scenes, romantic sounds, sounds of battle, sounds of drama, all have it going well.

I’ll rate this anime 7/10. Akame Ga Kill is a nice watch. If you like seeing a lot of blood and dramatic characters with big boobs, then this anime is for you, LOL. Really though, I recommend it for lovers of anime.


  • Awesome Fight Scenes
  • Good Animations


  • Killing off Characters
  • Shitty Ending


Plot - 8
Characters - 5
Animation - 8
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