Anime Elementals – Fire Users


 Anime Elementals – Fire Users
In most anime that have either an action or magic element there are most likely going to be people that use the element of fire and these are the anime characters we are going to be looking at today. This list is not arranged in any particular order either and it just includes characters we think are really cool and the best in our opinion.
1. Natsu Dragneel – Fairy tail
The main protagonist of this anime is the character we are going to take a look at, first because as a child raised by a fire dragon he has been taught to play with fire from a very young age so his ability with fire is not even to be questioned but then his ability to also work fire to make it stronger or just basically more destructive with other elements or a boost is also amazing, the anime itself though has a lot of selling points and lots of cool characters with really cool powers like children raised by different types of dragons, water, iron, wind and so on but the fire user here really stands out on his own so he really is one of the best fire users to check out.
2. This guy – Code beaker
A guy that burns people just by touching them, this is definitely a very scary fire user so don’t let him lay his hands on you, for a main character this guy takes on the role of an emotionless person with an extreme sense of justice but no empathy for humans at all but that soft of changes wen a certain girl enters the fray but that’s not up for discussion now we’re focusing on his blue flames yes he uses blue flames which is apparently the purest type of fire so for a fire user yeah he definitely makes the list.
3. Captain Mustang – Full Metal Alchemist
In this anime world there is a rampant use of alchemy which uses the principle of equivalent exchange as the basis so alchemists are very important and respected but none are as respected or feared as much as those that work for the government who called State Alchemists and among them is a certain Captain that uses fire as a specialized type of alchemy which he creates with just a snap of his finger as opposed to drawings symbols and all that, although the ones needed are already o his special made gloves it just makes him one of the smartest and strongest fire users ever so respect for him and he also makes this list of really cool fire users.

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