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10 Amazingly strong Anime Characters

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10 Amazingly strong Anime Characters

Now we all know in the anime world anything is possible so we end up having some people with really insane powers and abilities, of course, the popular ones like Madara from Naruto, and Aizen from Bleach so we will try to stick to some of the lesser popular characters that really stand out and have amazing powers or basically just impressed us and here are some 10 of them:-

  • Meruem from HunterXHunter:


Commonly known as KING, he happens to be one of the strongest anime characters ever created with his overwhelming strength and speed not to mention he was the top of the food chain (literally!), King was so strong he was never actually defeated, he truly was the KING.

  • Utsuro from Gintama:


This guy happened to be an undead character in an age of swordsmen, funny cause those usually only appear in post-apocalyptic situations, but his immortality is not the only thing that makes him one of the strongest characters, he also has the skills to back it up, definitely one of the strongest ever.

  • Yami from Black Clover:


Although he doesn’t have immortality, neither is he the smartest but his ability and skill to wield a sword definitely makes him stand out and actually shine as one of the strongest people to walk the land of anime not to mention that he can cut through dimensions, you definitely don’t want to get on this guy’s dark side (LOL!).

  • Saitama from One punch man:


As the name of the anime suggests the protagonist destroys all his enemies with a single punch, this is a man that wanted to be a hero so bad he trained till he went bald, and he ended up so strong all he needs is one punch to end any battle which earns him a spot in the seat of the strongest.

  • Escanor from Seven Deadly Sins:


Escanor is basically useless at night, he is just a sweet old man to make sweet drinks for you but get some sun for him and he becomes a superman (LOL!), yes he has the ability to use the power of the sun and that is just badass.

  • Kaido from One piece:


We don’t know much about him yet but already he is definitely one of the worst monsters we can suggest, a man that cannot even kill himself, the king of beasts! Man, I don’t know a man that is considered the strongest in the land, sea, and air that has tried to die and failed won’t be considered as one of the strongest anime characters ever.

  • Sora and Shiro from no game no life:

Sora and Shiro

Overwhelming strength isn’t only about brute force, these two end up as one of the smartest characters ever and since they work are a set we have them as [](Blank), in terms of brainpower they definitely earn a spot in the top.

  • Ains Ool Gown from Overlord:

Ainz Ool Gown

This is an anime set in a fantasy alternate world where we have him as a kind of demon lord, he has enough magic power as an undead to be a threat but then he remains even still as much of a monster without his magic as an adventurer to earn a spot in our seat of strongest anime characters.

  • Kusuo from Saiki Kusuo:


In a completely normal world a boy is born with psychic powers but as an esper he especially stands out by having pretty much every ability from bending spoons to world level mind control, basically he can do anything even with his powers being limited so he ends as a god-like character earning the title as one of the strongest anime characters.

  • Shigeo from Mob Psycho:


Known as Mob this is also another psychic but from a completely different perspective, his lacks the ability to display emotions but they end up piling up till he reaches his limits then becomes basically invincible, although the type of emotion affects the type of power he uses he still ends up as one of the strongest characters.

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